Ol Malo

The S.A.F.E. programme


The World Health Organisation’s recommended S.A.F.E. procedure for trachoma.

  • Surgery for in-turned eyelashes. At least once a year a team of surgeons and nurses travel out from England to operate on Trachoma sufferers at Ol Malo. The team operate free of charge, with their transport and accommodation costs funded by the Trust.
Surgical Results
2003 Surgical Camp
2004 Surgical Camp
2005 Surgical Camp
2006 Surgical Camp
No. of operations
Age range
35-70 years
20-80 years
40-82 years
25-78 years
Patient satisfaction

  • Antibiotics – family based treatment: Patients with active infection are given a course of antibiotics, and all the children in the area have been treated.
  • Facial cleanliness and personal hygiene – education thereof. We have trained four local Samburu to become Trachoma Monitors, and they are working to educate their people in basic hygiene. The people are already beginning to understand the causes of the disease, and we can see the results of this education: cleaner faces and fewer infections. The Trachoma Monitors also encourage those suffering from the disease to come forward without fear of medicine and surgery.
  • Environmental improvement: to create a clean environment where Trachoma cannot flourish. A survey has been carried out to identify the water collection points used by the population. This information has used to create a strategy for providing a safe, reliable water supply to the whole area, through the development of natural springs and the building of Open Water Reservoirs (OWRs).
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