Ol Malo


Over the years we have discovered that many of the children attending the ‘L’chekuti’ programme have contracted jiggers (tunga penetrans). If the children are infected then the whole family will probably be infected.

In 1900 Professor Hans Meyer, a German geographer and explorer, called the jigger-flea ‘the most fearful calamity that has ever afflicted the East African peoples’: this may no longer hold so true, but the jigger does indeed remain a calamity. Most jigger infestations happen in the foot and hand, and its presence can cause the host to lose a toe, foot, leg or hand through the rotting of the flesh down to the bone and also to suffer fatal blood poisoning. Jigger infestations and their consequences are much worse when there is no available water to keep the feet clean.

Medical Attention


A new project with the help of a Nairobi chiropodist aims to cut down on the numbers of lost feet and fatalities through the proper removal of the jigger-flea, to look at ways of prevention, and to source prosthetic feet for those who have lost theirs to this flea - and to other predatory creatures, such as puff adder snakes. To date we have held two clinics, and hope to make them regular – 3 or 4 per year.


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