Ol Malo


The Ol Malo Trust tries to assist every Samburu man, woman or child who comes to the Sampiripiri Workshop in need of medical attention. The intention is to provide day-to-day first-aid, stabilise injuries and provide basic first-aid to patients who require further treatment in a medical facility (we work together with Nanyuki Cottage Hospital and with Wamba Hospital, north of us in Samburuland).

We aim to hold a minimum of two general medical clinics per year, bringing out doctors from overseas and from Nairobi to run them. Medical problems encountered in the past have included children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and lymphatic tuberculosis, and malnourishment in children and adults. Vitamins and food supplements are supplied during times of drought. We provide specific clinics to cope with major identified problems within the area, such as trachoma and jiggers.

Medical Attention


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