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Ol Malo Trust currently relies on funding to implement the projects necessary to carry out its aims.

The Trust encourages companies / individuals to take on whole projects, so that they can be completed swiftly and in one go, but it also relies very heavily upon the support of smaller donors, and of Ol Malo Charitable Trust (UK) and Ol Malo Foundation, Inc..

If, having read our profile, you are interested in helping the Trust with these projects – in cash, in kind or in advice - please fill in our form or contact us on:


Ol Malo Trust,
C/o Julia Francombe / Joanna Hechle

Tel: 020 7123107 / 0733 741119 / 0722 756301
E.mail: info@olmalo.org

Please note that donations can also be made on the following websites:



We promise the donor that:
• all donations will be acknowledged.
• all donors will have the opportunity to donate towards a specific project
• all donors will receive regular updates on the progress of the projects

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